“When you dare to dream, that’s when you have taken your first leap of faith!”

Inspired by a modern Indian way of dressing and a vision to manifest elegance with comfort, uNIDRAA takes you on a celebratory journey imbibing India’s rich cultural heritage with a contemporary appeal. Be it Loungewear or Premium Nightwear, we give you just what you dreamt of.

Reviving the traditional art of hand block printing with a dash of individualism, we create beautiful prints with a trendy flare, for your Comfort and Leisure Wear. Revisit our timeless classics threaded on an all-season tapestry, embellished with our signature style. Our diverse collections resonate with every age group, while our natural fabrics are suitable to every climatic condition, keeping your style and comfort at the forefront.

Our everyday inspired clothing range blends together the softest of natural fibres, redefining comfort by moving with you and breathing with you. They are not just designs, but a story worth sharing.
India is a brimming potpourri of awe inspiring arts and cultures. Every corner reeks of immensely talented local artisans who weave a simple cloth with the thread of their tradition and dye of their craftsmanship. uNIDRAA takes pride in joining hands with such artisans and other under-served sections of women to create our best designs while showcasing their stories. We value their artistic skills and talent and wish to bring the colors of India live through each uNIDRAA wear.
What started as a dream project of two women has now culminated into an exquisite range of apparel, rooted at its heart. Each garment is a product of love and immense dedication. We take pride in celebrating the idea of valuable craftsmanship, refined skills and powerful womanhood.